Jan  Virtual  garden talks, mystery muncher, lazy gardening is good for bees Rhus integrifolia (lemonade berry)
 Meyer lemons  nectaries
Feb Winter nectar, imperiled peat, seed longivity Narcissus tazetta (bunch-flowered narcissus) kumquats nectaries again
Mar Grape hyacinths and snowflakes, faux turf, mosquitos Acmispon glaber (deerweed) pot marigold Family Fabaceae
Apr Flowers in the Demo Garden, weeds, Whoville alliums Phacelia campanularia (California bluebells) lemon balm multiflorus and multifoliate
May Aloes and agaves, two "sages", favorite weed Hippeastrum papilio (butterfly amaryllis) Greek oregano whorled
Jun Photos and info from readers, airplane plant-good or bad? Campanula poscharskyana (Serbian bellflower) borage Asparagaceae
Jan  Spore v seed, sweet olive, Homegrown National Park, companion planting  Phacelia distans cabbage (cole slaw recipe)  scorpiod cyme
Feb Heirlooms, bolting, planting under oaks Acmispon glaber (deerweed) cilantro nitrogen fixing
Mar Two champion naturalizers, reducing the garden's carbon footprint, cyclamen Pandorea pandorana "Golden Showers" Jalapenos Scoville scale
Apr Monocarpic plants, starting seedlings Aeonium arboreum (tree aeonium) tomatoes xylem v phloem
May Garden Tour photos, photos from members, crane fly Centranthus ruber (red valerian) asparagus opposite leaves
Jun Blooms in the Ecological Walk demo gardens, getting the most from your vegetable patch Delphinium cardinale (scarlet larkspur) mint bisexual
Jul Important message from the Board, caudiciform plants, two less often considered features of good wildlife habitat Rosa chinensis "mutabilis" blueberries Family Ericaceae
Aug Photos of demo garden progress, some current bloomers, info on watering Salvia mellifera (black sage) garlic allium genus
Sep Blarney Castle photos, do offspring look like parents?, field bindweed, creeping fig Leymus condensatus (giant wild rye) plums Family Moreaceae
Oct Making gardening easier, garlic chives, zonal pelargonium reaching up high! Lessingia filaginifolia (California aster) peas armed
Nov Chrysanthemums, garden soil, watering with a plastic bag, two gardens to visit Pentagramma triangularis (gold-backed fern) carrots tillers
Dec Starfish flower, poinsettias, square foot gardening, trees for fall color Cercis occidentalis (western redbud) Kale brassica variation
Jan Recycled concrete, pruning roses, starting seeds, heavy metals in dried herbs Rosa mutabilis
Mexican limes Damping off
Feb Cymbidiums, update on Monarchs, BFS milkweed, Ventura Botanic Garden, putting diseased prunings in green waste bin Ericameria pinifolia (pinebush) broccoli pruning above a bud
Mar Yellow camellia, yellow chasmanthe, Arum italicum, reasons to avoid peat moss, peas to plant now Leucojum vernum (snowflakes) turnip leaves spathe
Apr Island morning glory, three to complement the morning glory, thug of the month, turn out the lights! Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea' (moneywort) French tarragon Naturalised
May Ladybug emergence photos, Acorus gramineus, iris types Euonymus japonicus (Japanese spindle) pomegranate standards and falls
Jun Lavatera, chard, nettles, salad burnet flowers, acanthus, sprouting potato, monarch caterpillar Lobelia erinus (edging lobelia) apples pome
Jul Some garden compatriots, making birds happy, suckers, alpine strawberris, hoya blossoms, weeding among natives Euonymus japonicus (Japanese spindle) sugar snap peas aestivate
Aug Bromeliad blooms, value of trees, amaryllis and crinum, request for recommendations Prunus ilicifolia (hollyleaf cherry) purslane fruit v vegetable
Sep Items from members, 2022-2023 schedule, lemonade berry, nativars Rhus ovata (sugarbush) mint arborescent
Oct The problem with common names, microclimates, avocados Frangula californica (coffeeberry) avocados drupe
Nov Light and monarchs, soaker hoses, Gladwin iris, companion planting, leaf variety Ruellia simplex (Mexican petunia) Brussels sprouts cruciferous
Dec Autumn colors Dichelostemma capitatum (Blue dicks) Roger's Red grape lobed leaves
Jan Fall Color, umbrella tree, foiling critters Euryops species (golden bush daisy)
marjoram palmately and pinnately compound leaves
Feb Deformed lemons, petty spurge, help ID-ing a liriope, choose camellias, winter fragrance, reader photos Bougainvillea Bearrs lime bracts
Mar Silver wattle, amsinckia, chasmanthe, snowflakes, snail damage, ants Cyclamen persicum violets nectar robbers
Apr Ideas for replacing turf in parking strip, assorted pink bloomers, various interesting items Viburnum tinus "Spring Bouquet" basil old belief that tomatoes are poisonous
May Verbena lilacina, Lunaria, owls, dwarf fruit trees, notes on vegetable gardening, green waste, chives, rose rootstock Iris douglasiana (Pacific Coast iris) salad burnet galls
Jun Layering sage, nasty v tropism, orange flowers, managing bugs Hydrangea quercifolia (oakleaf hydrangea Pineapple guava nectar spurs
Jul San Gabriel Nursery, ferns that do well in the heat Mimulus aurantiacus (monkey flower) lovage sori
Aug Camellia viruses, letting herbs bloom, ollas and vegetables to plant now, tobacco hornworms, fragrant plant for August Epiphyllum oxypetalum (Queen of the Night) cucumber samaras
Sep Warm colors-hummingbird sage, umbrella tree, rose hips; carpenter bees, cycad scale, possible squirrel deterrent Caesalpinia pulcherimma (Mexican bird of paradise) peaches zygomorphic and actinomorphic
Oct Purple, blue, and white fall flowers, adventitious roots, where ladybugs go Delphinium parryi (Parry's larkspur) fennel seed umbels
Nov Gladwyn iris, purple heart, paintbrush lily, orchid cactus from seed, rose hip tea, guavas, fall cleanup deferred, high pollen days increase Viola x wittrockiana (pansies) lemon and lime thyme hips
Dec Changing flower color, winter berries, starfish flower, bay scale, ric-rac cactus Acuba japonica (gold dust plant) fennel (cutting down) umbel
Jan Tropisms and nasties, string of pearls or bananas, lawn replacements, update on citrus greening Alpinia zerumbet "Variegata" (shell ginger) parsley thigmotropism in vines
Feb Mystery milkweed, invitation to join Board, Flower Show, citrus pests Eriophyllum confertiflorum (golden yarrow) prickley pear spines and glochids
Mar Some ideas for a native garden Helleborus orientalis (Lenten rose) beets palmate leaves
Apr Garden design, amazing violets Bletilla striata (Chinese ground orchid) marjoram veins in monocot and dicot leaves
May Photos from members Dietes iridiodes (fortnight lily) red cabbage # petals monocot v dicot
Jun Saving poppy seed, Matilija poppies, Black Gamecock iris Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Nevin's barberry succulent definition
Jul Streptocarpus, bird bath, preventing loss of birds, homemade insect spray, fun veggies, native shrubs for birds Kniphofia cultivars (red hot poker) apricots chemicals that give plants color
Aug Citrus greening treatment, shell ginger, online talks, Crinum moorei, Queen of the Night, edible flowers, bee houses Rosa californica (California wild rose) pomegranate epiphytes
Sep Hoyas, mystery marauder, katydids, tumbleweeds, peperomia Plumgago auriculata (plumbago) winter savory leaf scars
Oct Two tools, fall nectar plants, stapelias, spotted spurge, planning a native garden Ericameria pinefolia (pinebush) pineapple sage needle-like leaves
Nov Beneficial insects, saffron crocus, cane begonias, native milkweed, link to fruit tree pdf, source for wood chip mulch Haemanthus albolis (paintbrush lily) alpine strawberry capitate
Dec Photo contest winners Amaryllis belladona (naked ladies) green onions locule
Jan Corey Nursery, rooting willows, sprouting tomatoes, blooming Turk's Cap, bird nest fungus, Japanese maple leaves, December mystery plant identified Camellia sasanqua 'Yuletide' tangerines Mallow family
Feb Moorten Garden, mychorrizal fungi, monarch butterflies Aspidistra elatior (cast iron plant) tomatilloes husk
Mar Yard Art talk, Moon Valley tour, aloe "Blue Elf', aloe mites, peas, mystery camellia, Aechmea gamopetala Crassula multicava (fairy crassula) pink lemonade lemon legume
Apr Superbloom, vegetables for shade, root knot nematodes, open pollination/hybrids/heirlooms Lotus berthelotii (parrot's beak) acorn squash scorpiod cyme
May Garden tour photos, Allium triquetum, Allium neapolitanum, Fullerton Arboretum threat, Sedum rupestre "Angelina" Centranthus ruber (valerian) winter savory definition of "naturalized"
Jun Adelaide museum, bee houses, fabric bed, root guard, member photos, Serbian bellflower Gazania rigens (African daisy) mulberry multiple fruit
Jul Bee swarm, variegation loss, fire safety, carbon storage, evening primrose and sphinx moth caterpillars Aquilegia chrysantha (golden columbine) golden elderberry flower spur
Aug Orienpet lily, orange ice plant, Maloof garden, seen around Salvia chamaedryoides (germander sage) comfrey grey leaves
Sep Uncommon Good donation, orb weaver, mystery fungus, maze, manzanita galls, Claremont rules for front landscapes Rudbeckia hirta and R. maxima  (coneflower) Brassica flowers galls
Oct Balboa Park, agave vs aloe, mountain mahogany, epiphytes Clematis lasiantha (chaparral clematis)
golden currant nitrogen fixing
Nov Storrier Stearns and Arlington gardens, where do bees go in winter?, why some flowers have lost their scent, home remedies Euonymus japonicus "aureo marginata" (golden euonymus) pineapple sage thorn v spine v prickle
Dec Bird's nest fern, cyclamen, autumn color, fig wasp, juvenile v adult foliage Heteromeles arbutifolia (toyon) spaghetti squash parthenocarpy
Jan Looking for new Board members, mulefat, chandelier plant, nightshade family, poinsettias Encelia farinosa (brittlebush) tomatilloes calyx
Feb Camellias, request for photos for Garden Art talk, botanical "volunteers" Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (hibiscus) amaranth lobes or leaflets?
Mar When to work wet ground, Iresine herbstii, Jasminum polyanthum, new Board member Hadroanthus impetiginosis (pink trumpet tree) loquats palmate and pinnate leaves
Apr Garden Tour, new Board members, making garden a good place for wildlife, Flower Show, Great Sunflower Project, notes on tomatoes Disticis buccinatoria (red trumpet vine) pot marigold tendrils
May Garden Tour photos, Oxalis pes-caprae, dormant buds in woody stems Watsonia aletroides nasturtium peltate
Jun Ruth Bancroft garden, CBWCD tour, Ruellia brittoniana, Louisiana iris Leptospermum species Alpine strawberries what are succulents?
Jul Spadix, String of Pearls, California thistle Passiflora spp variegated basil stipules
Aug Heat damage, fairy gardens, Cuphea "Vermillionaire", Cup of Gold vine, asparagus fern, Mexican feather grass Fallopia baldschuanica (Russian vine) dill umbels
Sep Liriopes, Oxalis triangularis, "Succulent Senorita" Ipomoea spp (morning glory) leeks spike
Oct Dog-Friendly Gardening, Sherman Garden, Celosia "Intenz", hanging basket idea, paperwhite tip, grasshoppers, two hummingbird plants Begonia spp (cane begonias) cilantro (coriander) monoecious vs dioecious
Nov Wildflowers, microclimate, value of trees Euphorbia tirucalli (sticks on fire) lemon verbena moss
Dec CGLHS conference, Marin Art and Garden Center, Orange Jessamine, earthballs, mystery tree Strobilanthes dyerianus (Persian Sheild) saffron crocus phylloclades and cladodes
Jan Vegetative reproduction-clones, Plant Safari nursery, Master Gardener training, cottony hydrangea scale Lonicera x heckrottii (“Pink lemonade” honeysuckle) Green onions Peltate
Feb Poisonous plants, library move, shot-hole borer; donation to Green Crew Helleborus species (Christmas or Lenten roses) Radicchio Vascular tissue
Mar Flower show/tour ads, pretty weeds, mantis case, Gil garden raised beds, dog house, faux turf weeds Camellia chrysantha (Golden camellia) Sorrel Oxalic acid
Apr Redbud/ceanothus in Anderson garden, Scilla peruviana, Bt, echevaria/Isabelle Moon, petty spurge Lunaria annua (Honesty) Green beans Milky sap
May Garden tour photos, coyotes, sphinx moth Phlomis fruticosa (Jerusalem sage) Borage pH
Jun May meeting, Arboretum field trip, plant labels, geranium show, sansiveria flowers Calendula officinale (Pot marigold) Pineapple guava Moth-pollinated flowers
Jul Chaparral donation, Annie’s Annuals, seed libraries, cycads Cycas revoluta (Sago palm) Stevia Transpiration
Aug Cacti vs Euphorbs, seed saving/goldfinches, transplanting spiny plants Leonotis leonurus (Lion’s tail) Sage Cycad seeds
Sep Chihuly exhibit, evening primrose, concrete block planter, crape myrtles, Azalea Park Geranium pratense (Meadow cranesbill) Oregano Shedding bark
Oct Cole crops, spores v seeds, citrus greening Epiphyllum oxypetalum (Queen of the Night) Chives Nocturnal vs diurnal
Nov New website, Ikebana, light pollution, bats Camellia sasanqua African blue basil Thryse
Dec Houseplant hints, insect decline, gardening myths Strelitzia reginae (Bird of Paradise) Cabbage Umbel
Jan Fullerton Arboretum, Las Vegas Botanic Garden, pruning, praying mantis Rhus ovata (Sugarbush) Meyer lemon xylem and phloem
Feb Sustainable lawn care, neonicotinoids, pruning strap-leaved plants Aloe hybrids (aloes) Chard rosette plants
Mar Rancho Los Alamitos, species/hybrid/variety/cultivar, edible flowers Camellia japonica (camellia) Carrots bolting
Apr Planting a meadow, invasive species Dendromicon harfordii (Island bush poppy) Chervil nodes and etiolation
May Garden tour photos, donations, ollas, starting seeds indoors Sphaeralcea ambigua (Desert mallow) Shallots nectar
June Garden art, composting, squirrels Peritoma arborea (bladderpod) Lettuce humus
July Stinkhorn, pallet bed, mulch, tea mite, leaf scorch Carex divulsa (Berkeley sedge) Fennel fertile vs sterile fronds
Aug Types of shade, clover N-fix, rose, pitcher, water trees Malosma laurina (Laural sumac) Shallots color change when pollinated
Sept Pelargoniums v geraniums, potluck. green fruit beetle, anise swallowtail Agave attenuata (“Blue flame” agave) Cauliflower meaning of x and var
Oct Fall at the BFS; what are WUCOLS; light pollution; past GC talks; orange dog, bolas spider Rosa rugosa (beach rose) Mint trichomes
Nov Good soil, beneficial insects, cottony cushion scale Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii (Turk’s cap) Beet lenticels
Dec Humus, nectar thieves, pruning natives, landscape fair Caesalpinia pulcherrima (Red bird of paradise) Napa cabbage parthenocarpy
Jan Climate zones, genetic diversity, strawberries, bare root trees Heteromeles arbutifolia (Toyon) Lemon balm plant hairs
Feb Garden design principles, scale, poinsettias, last year’s seed packets Romneya coulteri (Matilija poppy) Mandarins rhizomes
Mar Menlo Park, Descanso Gardens, native bee nests, birds and windows, flies in houseplants Billbergia nutans (Queen’s Tears) Apples caudex
Apr Tomato talk reprise, nutsedge, whitefly Brugmansia arborea (Angel’s Trumpet) Eggplant seed dormancy
May Garden tour photos, variegated leaves, some agaves Prosopis species (Mesquite) Cantaloupe complete vs perfect flowers
Jun Water Conservation Garden in El Cajon; plants for under oaks; raised bed ideas, watering restrictions Eriogonum fasciculatum (Buckwheat) Blackberry batology
July Ferns and spores, tree poem, gardening for wildlife, butterfly guide Caliandra californica (Baja Fairy Duster) Summer squash spadix
Aug Native strawberries, stream orchid, watering handout; spittlebug Schefflera species (Umbrella tree) Peach clone
Sept Bermuda grass, dividing perennials, soaker hose and quick couplers Cosmos sulphureus (Orange cosmos) Sunflower achenes
Oct Small trees, collecting seeds, Monarch populations Cotoneaster horizontalis (contoneaster) Hollyleaf cherry pea flower anatomy
Nov Succulent wreath talk, garden mushrooms, garden supply places Crinum moorei (crinum) Potatoes corms
Dec Autumn leaves, chia, frost, uprooted tree Acuba japonica (gold dust plant) Thyme aromatic compounds
Jan Pruning roses; starting seeds indoors Rosa mutabilis Kumquat flower structure
Feb Square Ft gardening Chasmanthe floribunda (African flag) Elderberry seed structure
Mar Attracting butterflies Clivia miniata (Clivia) Rhubarb perennials treated as annuals
Apr Orchids, Info about Garden Tour, dividing plants Phacelia minor (Calif. Canterbury bells) Bay monoecious vs dioecious
May Garden Tour photos, bees, ants, bolting Epiphyllum hybrids (Orchid cacti) Avocado monocarpic plants
Jun Earth Day photos, grasshoppers, pruning wisteria, reusing pots Hydrangea quercifolia (Oakleaf hydrangea) Basil bracts
Jul Field trip to Tejon Ranch, Oregon rose garden, solarization, wasps Lychnis chalcedonica (Maltese Cross) Corn crested plants
Aug Potluck, bromeliads, Sunset idea house, invasive plants Oxalis triangularis (Purple shamrock) Savory offsets
Sept Hedges, hybrids, seed saving, planting carrots and radishes together Ribes speciosum (Fuschia-flowered gooseberry) Purslane multiple fruit strawberry
Oct Weeds, Mildred Mathies garden, lending library Penstemon spectabilis (Showy penstemon) Romanesco broccoli bulliform cells
Nov Leafminers, powdery mildew, CBWCD garden, Seaside Gardens, Xerces Society Cercis occidentalis (Redbud) Pineapple guava biennial plants
Dec Succulents, how to know how much to irrigate, Saxifraga sarmentosa Stapelia grandiflora (Starfish flower) Fennel axis/axil/axillary/apical
Feb Welcome, avoiding freeze damage Encelia californica (Calif. sunflower) Carrots nodes and internodes
Mar Pruning info, Natives to grow Hardenbergia violacea (Australian lilac vine) Rosemary petiole/vblade, sessile
Apr Sq Ft gardening; 3 gardens to visit Mimulus aurnatiacus (Monkeyflower) Sorrel alternate/opposite/whorled
May Field trip to the BFS, Maloof Garden, UCC garden tour; wildlife habitat certification Iris douglasii (Pacific Coast iris) Artichokes entire/teeth
June Member plant photos; waterwise lawn; planting from 6-packs Opuntia littoralis (Prickly pear) Romaine leaf tip variation
July Santa Barbara gardens; companion planting Phormium tenax (New Zealand flax) Scarlet runner beans vegetable vs fruit
Aug Bromeliads; when to fertilize; using pool water for irrigation; figs Duranta erecta variegata (Skyflower) Figs pollination
Sept Begonia show, beetle larvae, fragrant plants Vitis californica (“Roger’s Red” grape) Mesclun tubers
Oct Chicken field trip, recommended tomatoes, tips on replacing lawn, pruning hydrangeas Hoya carnosa (Waxflower) Lemon grass adventitious parts
Nov Chrysanthemum show; info from Tree Action Group; Impatiens downy mildew Punica granatum (Pomegranate) Malabar spinach allelopathy
Dec Succulent show; autumn color; cold weather damage Hippeastrum species (Amaryllis) Kale bulbs