We hope you find the Garden Club site helpful, and look forward to seeing you at one of our events.
  • Garden Club meetings are free and open to all. Talks and demos cover both edible and ornamental gardening, and members bring plants, bulbs, and seeds to share.


  • A chance to see some creative Claremont gardens, talk to the owners, and get some inspiration for your own garden! The tour provides funding for the club.


Summer Potluck
6:00PM - 8:30PM


Updated 5/26/23: Slightly more relaxation to water restrictions (see below)

  • Note that our June meeting will be on a Saturday morning rather than the usual Wednesday evening (see calendar link at right)
  • The demonstration native plant gardens in front of the Bernard Field Station are doing great! Lots of wildflowers coming up (see June newsletter for some photos) as well as blooms on the deerweed, penstemons, scarlet larkspur and more!


Because of all the rain, water restrictions for sprinklers in Claremont gardens have been changed a bit.

  • No watering at all between 9am and 5pm no matter how you do it
  • Lawn sprinklers--now allowed three days a week for 8 minutes a station
  • No limit on day or amount for hand watering (with bucket or using nozzle with shut off valve), drip irrigation, or soaker hose
  • No watering of any hardscape and no runoff is allowed
  • Home owners are responsible for giving their street tree sufficient water. Here is relevant info.




We welcome ideas for future Garden Club speakers and topics to cover, and love to see garden photos! And if you notice anything out of date on this site, or broken links, please do let us know.




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