Where and When

Garden Club meetings are free and open to everyone.  Members start arriving at 6:30pm to enjoy refreshments, chat, and check out the free materials and donated plants. The talk starts at 7pm. We have a new location for the meetings: the Louise Roberts Room at the United Church of Christ, 233 Harrison Ave, Claremont.


Our club supports all types of gardening — cottage-style, native plant and succulent, vegetable and fruit, formal hedges and rose beds, tropical and so on. We arrange speakers on topics ranging from growing tomatoes or keeping chickens to designing gardens or growing orchids. We do our best to provide information on how to incorporate sustainable practices in your garden no matter what you grow.

Past talks and speakers

Mar. From Traditional to Waterwise Mary Welday
Apr. Introduction to Orchids Brenda Ward
May Roses Keyvan Geula
Jun. Dames in the Garden: Women Who Shaped California’s Landscape Peggy Perry
Sep. A Primer on Growing Rare Fruits Martin Koning-Bastiaan
Oct. May I Introduce Some Birds of Prey? Wild Wings
Nov. The New American Garden! Nicholas Staddon
Jan. Greywater 101! Ty Teissere
Feb. Garden Mushrooms: A Year-round Spectacle! Steven Pencall
Sep. Perfect Partners: Gardening with Natives and All Sorts of Edibles Lili Singer
Oct. Garden Mushrooms: A Year-round Spectacle! Steven Pencall
Nov. Camellia Impressionism! Bradford King
Jan. Sustainable Landscape Design: A crash course for creatives and the rest of us! (pdf) Scott Kleinrock
Feb. Decorating the Garden: Yard Art! Sharron Neyer
Mar. A Seedy Business! Renee Shepherd
Apr. Why Our Trees Are Dying Jerrold Turney
May What NOT to grow! Invasive plant species in Southern California Nancy Hamlett
Jun. A “Kaleidoscope" of California Butterflies! (pdf) David Bryant
Sep. The Care and Feeding of Backyard Citrus (pdf) Maggie O'Neill
Oct. Backyard and Red Worm Composting Dave Schroeder
Nov. Indoor Gardening the Organic Way Julie Bawden-Davis
Jan. Keeping Chickens in the Garden! (pdf) Sherry Best
Feb. February Gardening Tips and Tricks Yvonne Savio
Mar. Growing Great Tomatoes Easily! Dave Freed
Apr. The Urban Beekeeper Jon Reese
May The 12 Elements of a Bird Feeding Station Chris Verma
Jun. Beautiful Plumerias! Connie Newport
Sep. Unusual Vegetables and Fruits Yvonne Savio
Oct. Basic Irrigation Workshop Dave Schroeder
Nov. Designing Waterwise Gardens: an Update Robert Perry
Jan. Uses of California Native Edible and Medicinal Plants William Broen
Feb. The New World of Daylilies Mitch Holcomb
Mar. Gardening with California Natives Dolores Ruiz
Apr. Plant Nutrition Richard Lenard
May Spring Vegetables and Other Edibles Marc Hall
Jun. Fairplex Farm Facts and Sustainable Urban Gardens Don Delano
Sep. Seed Saving! Cynthia Cruz
Oct. Yes, You Can! (make a succulent wreath) Judy Casanova
Nov. The Health Benefits of Gardening Vicki Peyton
Jan. Plant Pairings: Selecting plants that grow well together April Garbat
Feb. Benefits and Tricks to Organic Raised Bed Gardening Liz Parkinson
Mar. Garden Tools: How to choose, use, and care for them George Gentilly
Apr. Sourcing Organic Materials for Your Garden Arthur Levine and Maria Alonso
May Dinner from the Garden! Cynthia Cruz
Jun. How to Banish Garden Pests! Dave Schroeder
Sep. Soils, Plants and Water Relationships Juan Garcia
Oct. Fall Planting: Winter veggies and ornamentals Jacquieline Evans
Nov. Life After Lawns Molly Blough
Jan. Designing Lush, Low Maintenance, Waterwise Gardens John Kosta
Feb. Drought Tolerant Landscaping: A story of one Claremont home Graciela Gonzales
Mar. Titillating Tomato Talk! Stephen Williams
Apr. Backyard Birds of Claremont Chris Verma
May Plumerias and Orchids John Schneckloth
Jun. Getting Wild(life) in the Garden! (pdf) Sue Schenk
Sep. Backyard Chickens Steve Sabicer
Oct. The Basics of Drip Irrigation Dave Palumbo
Nov. Our Urban Forest Larry Wheaton
Jan. The Joys and Benefits of Square Foot Gardening Jo Anna Carey
Feb. Edible Garden Tidbits Connie Newport
Mar. California’s Native Bees in Your Garden Nancy Hamlett
Apr. Sex in Our Gardens! (Gasp!) Eric Garton
May Growing Herbs: From natural remedies to culinary ventures Dessa D’Aquila
Sep. Designing Waterwise Residential Gardens Robert Perry
Oct. Growing the Global Gardening Footprint Tom Finerty
Nov. Composting Magic! Jennifer McCharren and Dan Pierce
Jan. Pruning: What, why, when and how? Dave Lannom
Feb. Soil, Sun, and Squiggles: Tips for starting kitchen gardens Cynthia Robinson
Mar. Transforming Non-Native Gardens to Native Gardens Wallace Meyer
Apr. Sustainable Landscaping with California Native Plants Antonio Sanchez
May Creative Container Gardening Steve Gerischer
Jun. Re-Imagining the California Lawn Bart O‘Brien