The Care and Feeding of Backyard Citrus
Wednesday, September 13 2017,  6:30pm -  8:30pm

Master Gardener Maggie 'Neill grew up in her family's Claremont citrus groves and owns Lemon Blossom Heritage Farm. Please join us to hear her talk about how to get the most from our garden citrus trees, and how citrus greening disease is likely to affect us.

The Garden Club is free and open to everyone with an interest in gardens of any type. Refreshments and chat at 6:30; talk begins at 7 pm. Directions: The Napier building (660 Avery Rd) is on the south side of the street. There will be a sign with the garden club logo. From Harrison: Enter the campus at Mayflower (there is a stop sign on Harrison). Turn left on Avery. From Berkeley at 6th Street: the first cross street within the campus is Mayflower. Turn left (South) on Mayflower. Go half a block and turn right on Avery. Parking: There is some parking on 6th, Mayflower, and Avery inside Pilgrim Place, wherever the curb is not painted red. There is a also a parking lot at the west end of Avery, about a block from the Napier Building. Outside of Pilgrim Place, there is parking on the surrounding streets.